All of our wheels are fully forged 3-piece designs. We use the highest quality spun aluminium lips and barrels. These are bolted to faces CNC machined from 6082 T6 heat treated aluminium billet.

All of our wheels are validated for strength using state of the art Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques. This ensures the wheel design is as strong as possible, whilst still being lightweight.

fea testing

Our wheels have not been tested or approved for road use outside of the UK. For this reason our wheels are sold for competition use only. We have performed destructive testing on our wheels to ensure the product is safe and strong enough to withstand expected loads on track.

brushed lip

Our forged lips are heat treated 6061 Aluminium to T6 condition. Heat treated lips are very strong but very difficult to manufacture. It takes a huge amount of force to spin forge a heat treated lip, which requires large equipment. Compare this to an un-heat treated lip or barrel which is easier to manufacture but is significantly weaker so is more likely to crack. Our lips are available in two different finishes: Polished or brushed.

polished lip

Orion Mesh, Sol & Vela are available with painted faces. We offer these wheels in 9 different colour options. View the wheel catalogue to start your configuration.

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hardware comparison

All of our hardware is made from high strength steel. We offer two finishes: zinc plated, and black.